Helpful information for Parents

The Management Committee and staff welcome your enrolment in our Child Care Centre. 

We are currently rated as an Exceeding Centre which aims to provide you and your child [ren] the highest quality service at all times. Your involvement in our Centre and our activities is welcomed and can be of great benefit to all the children and staff. This page summarises general information about our centre and more detail can be found in our downloadable pdf Parent Handbook


The centre operates a full kitchen facility that provides all the children with nutritional meals daily which ensure to meet the (RDI) recommended daily intake. As a whole the centre has been awarded Food Safe through Rockingham City Council Health Department. Please notify staff on enrolment of any special dietary requirements or allergies your child may have. The centre has developed a nutritional policy that follows the guidelines of the RDI for children 0-5 years. Milk formula must be provided in original container, sterile bottle to be supplied by parent, each to be marked with the child’s name. These measures are to protect your child’s health and safety, to avoid cross contamination and to maintain the correct nutrition value in babies’ diet.


Staff at Rockingham Early Learning and Child Care Centre have been employed with us between 2 to 20 year periods and our staff turnover is low.

Staff rosters are systematically reviewed every Thursday of each week to make adjustments wherever necessary that meet the children’s individual and family needs including the staff at RELACCC.

All families are informed as soon as possible both verbally and by use of relief staff notification signs especially upon short notice. It is very rare that we require to use relief staff.


Rockingham Early Learning and Child Care Centre are licensed for 52 children. The breakdown of staff to children is as follows and as required by the Department of Communities (Education & Child Service National Regulation 2012). Please note RELACCC operates above this recommended ratio. More information can be found in our centre handbook Parent Handbook.


When children first attend a child care service they are exposed to more infections than at home. Good hygiene is most important in minimising the spread of infections. The Health and Safety of every child attending our centre is of paramount importance to us. There are certain conditions, which will necessitate the exclusion of a child from the Centre until a doctor’s certificate is received. More information regarding health and safety can be found in our Parent Handbook.


Early childhood services must have policies and procedures to properly manage the care, education and safety of the children attending this service. All policies must include input from parents, staff and management. Feel free to view full policy and procedure file situated in centre front foyer.


This service is managed by committee comprising of parents and community members.

The Approved Provider is the incorporated body, represented by the management committee which is elected each year.  Upon commencement you will be charged a one off registration fee, this gives you membership to the association for the duration of time spent at this service. As a not for profit model any surplus funds or profits are reinvested into back into the service. On a day to day basis the Centre is managed by the Director. Parent contributions are always welcome.


Pricing information on enquiry.

Parent Participation

Parents, you are our greatest source of information with regards to your child. To give your child the best opportunity for development, Early Childhood Educators and parents need to work together.

If you would like to become more involved in the manner by which your child is cared for in our Centre, why not consider one or more of the options below:

  • Join in organising social events
  • Help collect bits and pieces, recycling
  • Spare a little time to join your child in play/story time etc
  • Share a special interest with the children
  • Any ideas you may have that we could include in the curriculum would be appreciated.
  • Join management committee.

If you can think of a way in which you could be more involved in the Centre and you may have a little spare time, PLEASE come and see us.

Helpful information for Parents
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Helpful information for Parents


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Rockingham Early Learning and Child Care Centre


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